We go for the overseas export of used yachts.

We are available also the export in the Japan yacht or sailboat.


From overseas to a visitor, it corresponds in automatic translation. 

If you can send in the easiest possible word and expression, it is able for an understanding of language to be easy and to aim at communication smoothly. 

(English communicates easiliest) 


We can find from Japan not listed on site yacht or sailboat.

We can look for a yacht of your hope with a network in Japan if looking for a yacht and the sail boat which are not placed in our Internet site.

Since there are many people who think that a Japanese sailboat owner does not want it to be known by a friend and the friend of a yacht harbor for that its own sailboat is sold at the Internet, there are few ships currently sold very much publicly. 

Of course, having also published to the site the sailboat which we sell, and the sailboat does not pass in part. 

Our partnership with overseas yacht sales agents are available.

We are performing the tie-up with the contractor who sells an overseas used sailboat and SEIRU boat positively. 

He wishes the tie-up with those who sell the used sailboat especially in neighboring countries, such as South Korea, China, Russia, and Singapore. 

Sale price to a business partner in the amount listed on the site but not present special price as a business partner.

It is your registration to enter into tie-ups. First, from the contact form on our site, please contact. The first message 'like Alliance' and write and send. Later, from us to you message to reply.








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